About Us



Our Vision:

(ISC)2 Central New York Chapter aims to inspire a safe and secure cyber world through its promotional activities of cyber security programs among all range and age of people.


Our Mission:

(ISC)2 Central New York Chapter aligned with the (ISC)2  mission will demonstrate its commitment towards;

  • Supporting and providing members and constituents with credentials, resources, and leadership to secure information and deliver value to society.
  • Committing to build the societal security aligned with the principles of (ISC)2  through its cyber security programs
  • Committing to build the best platform to promote cyber security knowledge and awareness among all range and age of people of the nation


Our Goals & Objectives:

  • Strengthen connections among (ISC)2 members of Central New York Chapter and between (ISC)2 and our members
  • Enhance the (ISC)2 member experience and improve value in membership
  • Encourage non-(ISC)2  credentialed professional participation to learn and contribute
  • Advocate for the information security profession and (ISC)2  certifications
  • Educate and empower local communities on cyber security awareness and protection
  • Mentor aspiring information security professionals
  • Provide current and timely educational opportunities and professional resources
  • Create a forum for information security professionals to collaborate on projects and develop leadership skills
  • Promote (ISC)2 SSO program among school students the next generation of the nation
  • Promote Academia program among the Graduates to advocate information security profession
  • Promote and advocate the curriculum of (ISC)2

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